• Patrón Gran Burdeos 0.7L 40%

Patrón is the favourite tequila among celebrities. It is referenced in countless rap songs and music videos, and one can frequently see pictures of stars posing with a bottle in their hand.

Patrón has successfully introduced tequila as a premium spirit. It is made 100% from the finest, juiciest Agave in Mexico. Then it is carefully distilled. Some is bottled straight away to make Silver tequila, whilst other tequila is aged in barrels to create tequila such as Reposado or Añejo.

Patrón Burdeos is aged in barrels made out of a unique blend of American mountain oak and oaks from France for 12 months. It is then distilled once more, before being racked in hand-selected Bordeaux barrels giving it the distinct fruity flavours of the finest Bordeaux wines.

Once the tequila has completed the aging process it is bottled in one of a kind crystal bottled, adorned with the custom corkscrew and crystal stopper and then packaged in velvet-lined wooden boxes.

Patrón Burdeos is softened tequila with fruitier tones. It is quite strong at an alcohol content of 40% and best enjoyed sipped on its own.

Patrón Burdeos is one of Lil Jon?s favourites ? he was seen drinking it all night at the Mixmag Ultra Music Festival.

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Patrón Gran Burdeos 0.7L 40%

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