• Mari Mayans Absinthe 0.7L 55%

Mari Mayans Absinthe has been awarded a silver medal at the prestigious International Wines & Spirits Competition in June 2000. They were the only absinthe to be given a prize and this shows dedication to producing a product of extreme high quality, reflected in its immense popularity with absintheurs all over the world. Voted best Absinthe in a blind tasting for Class magazine with a 5 star rating, notes on the tasting below.

Mari Mayans Absinthe (Absenta) has been produced in Ibiza since the founding of the distillery in 1880 by Juan Mari Mayans, a herbalist known all over the region for his expertise in high quality distillation and knowledge of fine herbs. It is made from distilling the leaves of hand-picked Artemisia Absinthium (Wormwood) and is then macerated in herbs. The resulting spirit is a mesmerizing green that clouds when water is added (known as Opaline). It is 100% natural and is created to this day using the same formula that made the distillery famous in the last century with exports to France and the rest of Europe. Ernest Hemmingway referred to Absinthe as "idea changing liquid alchemy" and Absinthe's artistic properties have formed the basis for its mysterious and sometimes controversial history.

With its translucent lime/apple green colour, the nose has a rich, clean blast of aniseed balls. A full, rich mouthfull blended aniseed with fresh citrus notes, extended by a ripe orange sweetness, before finishing with a clean burst of aniseed. Water not only clouded it but prompted an impressive "Disprin" foaming action, while the attractive aniseed nose led onto equally forthright aniseed notes rounded by orangey hints.

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Mari Mayans Absinthe 0.7L 55%

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