• Absente Aux Plantes 0,7l 55%

First Absinthe on the European market. Launched in May 2000. Distributed to over 50 countries worldwide. Absente has become one of the most famous absinthes worldwide. Known for its sophisticated marketing based on art and history, it is nevertheless a very contemporary drink. The bottle comes enclosed in an attractive box with a Van Gogh portrait, and is sure to catch your eye on the shelves, making for an unmistakable.experience.

Taste: Absinthe that has been macerated and distilled with great care. Premium product. Aromas of anise, mint and wormwood with bitter finish. 10mg of thujone. Sweet and fresh in mouth, perfect on the rocks or with cocktails; alternatively, add water for an interesting aperitif.

Country of origin: France

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]: 55

Ingredients: Herbs ( alcohol, sugar cane, wormwood (artemisia absinthium) essence, mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) infusion and essential oil, anise distillate (pimpinella anisum), star anise essence (illicium verum) (anethol), green dye (tartrazin and brilliant blue), balm (melissa officinalis) and peppermint (mentha piperita) distillates.

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Absente Aux Plantes 0,7l 55%

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