• Absinthe Kubler 0.5L 53%
Kubler Absinthe is made by hand in an alembic still following the original techniques, using only natural plants, rather than extracts or oils. This blanche style liqueur is made of legend and myth and stands up to all you have heard.

-Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler falls back on the long tradition.  In the region known as Val-de-Travers in the Jura of Switzerland stands the KUBLER distillery.  The site of spirits making for many generations, it formally accorded legal status in 1863, and since then it has been home of famous Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler.

-In October 2001 the tradition of celebrating inheritance and life's bounty came alive when Yves Kubler, great-grandson of KUBLER brand founder decided to revive Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler.

-Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler is a distillate of a harvest of sumptuous herbs and alcohol.

-Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler developes best taste and its characteristic cloudiness by mixing 1:5 with fresh spring water.

-Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler contains all-natural herbs and flavours formulated without the use of preservative, artificial flavours or colours, accordingly to Swiss and European law.

-Swiss Absinthe Superieure Kubler is a product of Switzerland.

Switzerland, In keeping with the local tradition of clandestine La Bleue, it is crystal clear, has no added sugar. It is very aromatic and has a deep white louche. This absinthe is already the best-seller in Switzerland.

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Absinthe Kubler 0.5L 53%

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