Absinthe de Moravie 0,5 l Metelka Absinth

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Even the name of this Absinthe implies the intent of its author to make a product a bit different from classic absinthes made in the Czech Republic. Herbs characteristic of South Moravia enrich this product with the strong agreeable aroma and flavour along with the three basic herbal macerates and extracts – wormwood, anise and fennel which remain the basic parts of the product. Decorative anise and fennel fruits are macerated in a final product for several months so that the characteristic taste of Absinthe De Moravie is not changed.

The herbal aroma of this Absinthe is scented with wormwood and mint extracts and is delicately bitter and lemon flavored. Added herbal extract refines and intensifies an overall delight of the drink. Content of thujon: up to 15 mg in 1 kg of the product.

The finest grain spirit, herbal macerate, herbal extract, refined and filtered inverted sugar syrup, cleaned anise and fennel fruits.

TIP: Use the fruits of anise and fennel as a garnish of mixed drinks. They are excellent when one piece of anise or fennel fruit is crushed between one´s teeth after a draught of Absinthe De Moravie. Drink with cold water and ice in proportion 1:3. Add sugar if needed.

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