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Coming at any liquor store people have not choose between two-three sorts of alcohol. Our shops offer all sorts of wine, liquor or beer. One of the most popular consumer’s preferences is absinthe.
“The green fairy” – this is another name of absinthe– is a beverage with the highly percentage of alcohol (45-80%). Some of customers name it mistakenly a liqueur, but it is false. Alcohol manufacturers classify it as a spirit, because the most important component of the spirit is the flowers of common wormwood, which give a very special taste to the beverage. Apart from common wormwood absinthe has in its contents green anise, sweet fennel, chamomile and other herbs.
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For the first time in history absinthe was manufactured in Switzerland and used as medicine.
Absinthe starts to gain wide popularity in the times of French colonial wars in North Africa. French soldiers used absinthe for prevention of malaria, dysentery and other sicknesses. It is really interesting to know that absinthe was also used for disinfection of drink water.
The long time absinthe was illegal. Only since the end of the 20th century absinthe is on legal sale.  

Most of people know this alcoholic beverage as a green substance, but absinthe may also be colourless, blue, yellow, brown, red and black.
To make yellow absinthe manufacturers add special food color. But sometimes yellow color says about you buy a natural product, because chlorophyll pigment changes the color of absinthe after a few months. Absinthe manufacturers name that chemical reaction “aging of the beverage”.  
If absinthe has red color manufactures added extract of pomegranate to. But to make absinthe chipper they usually add red food color. Extract of pomegranate leaves a really incomparable aftertaste.  
Choosing absinthe, which has dark or brown color, you should know that for its manufacture roots of common wormwood and catechu were used. They impart berry-like and sweet relish to the beverage. But today to make dark or brown absinthe manufacturers use dark food color as well.  
And of course you can buy absinthe, which has traditional green color. Almost all manufacturers produce it. But in our time even for manufactures of green absinthe food colors are used. So the consumers have to understand that color of absinthe says nothing about its quality and naturalness.

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Bairnsfather absinthe is a beverage, which has a green color thanks to natural chlorophyll pigment and a rich herbaceous taste. Combination of health-giving herbs makes this sort of absinthe popular among consumers.

Euphoria absinthe is a beverage of best quality and with highest possible thujone content. Our customers have a good selection of black or original absinthe. Absinthe has a cultivated taste because of excellent choice of herbal.

For ŽUSY Žufánek absinthe are used natural components only. The beverage with a tender and fruit taste gives its consumers unforgettable sensation.
If you would like to take pleasure of a beverage with a rich herbaceous taste, draw your attention to L’OR absinthe. L’OR absinthe is a natural product without food colors.

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