• Becherovka 1L 38%

An excellent, 100% natural, traditional alcoholic beverage of the best quality. For those who drink Becherovka it is no surprise that this popular classic of Czech alcoholic beverages is a 100% natural product without any chemical conservatives, artificial colours or emulsifiers. It contains only water from Karlovy Vary, quality alcohol, natural sugar and a very specific and harmonic blend of herbs and spices - that is all Becherovka is made from. Have a look at the information in small print on other liquor brands and compare.

It is very important to understand this self-evident truth, because it means that no two bottles of Becherovka are absolutely identical. Of course two bottles of Becherovka filled on the same day are practically the same but the drink can vary slightly from day to day, not to mention over weeks, months or years. Like its recipe, Becherovka's production process has not changed over the last 200 years. It has been modernized only in that the company uses the most modern technologies available at the time. But the fact that Becherovka is a living, natural product necessarily causes slight changes in colour, taste and aroma. Just take our herbs and spices, which come from all over the world - strong rainfall or periods of drought, different soil, time of harvest and many other factors can cause fluctuations in the strength and taste of the herbs and spices we use. Of course, we cooperate with well-known suppliers of herbs and spices who guarantee the best quality; nevertheless, while the quality remains unchanged, the taste may vary slightly. With so many kinds of herbs and spices in Becherovka, just imagine the potential for variability!

The liquor is also a favourite of the current Czech president Miloš Zeman.

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Becherovka 1L 38%

  • Brand: Jan Becher
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