• Absinth Tunel Black 0.7L 70%

These seven herbs (Chamomile, verbena, fennel, lemon leaves, lemon balm, orange leaves and rosemary) are the traditional base of Túnel de Mallorca. They are grown in the family owned farms and, after careful selection, they are macerated and blended by our Master Blender to obtain the trademark smooth and well balanced flavor.

Another modern variation of the classic absinthe – "black" Tunel. This drink is produced in accordance with traditional recipe, exclusively of natural ingredients. The elegant colour of black currants is achieved due to the component of catechu black acacia infusion. This infusion also adds liqueur and berry tones into the absinthe. Another "violation" of the classic recipe is the use of the root of sagebrush, not leaves and inflorescence as usual. This innovation created the drink with brighter and deeper taste. In all other respects this strong drink with 70% of alcohol content is the true Antonio Nadal absinthe, both in taste and aroma. It will be beautiful if drunk pure in little portions.

Alcohol content: 70%

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Absinth Tunel Black 0.7L 70%

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