• Absinthe St. Antoine 70% 0,5l

The legendary, mystical and sinful drink of bohemians, artists and barflies, prepared according to an orginal French recipe and process. St. Antoine Absinthe is born by the slow distillation of select herbs, including the wormwoods Artemisia absinthium and Artemisia pontica.

In accordance with our motto, “100% all-natural products”, we formulated our absinthe utilizing only natural ingredients. The base is high-quality grain neutral spirit, into which select herbs and spices are macerated for a precisely determined amount of time. The entire macerate is then distilled, from which we obtain a clear spirit. Into this resulting distillate we then add a second selection of herbs which gives absinthe its specific color and further enhances the already heady aroma and flavor.

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Absinthe St. Antoine 70% 0,5l

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