Absinthe Naturelle 60% · 0,5 l Metelka Absinth

Brand: Metelka
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Different rates of dosing herbs for macerating give the Absinthe its characteristic bitter taste. Our Absinthe Couperosée represents youth, stength and distinctness. After adding cold water the liquor becomes rather milky. This is called „louche effect“ and is chracteristic for an absinthe with higher rate of the anise extract. Because of its red colour and characteristic taste it allows bartenders to experiment.

This Absinthe has distinct herbal aroma with prevailing anise scent. Wormwood, coriander and mint extracts give the liquor rich bitter taste. Added herbal extract refines and intensifies an overall delight of the drink. Content of thujon: up to 10 mg in 1 kg of the product.

The finest grain spirit, herbal macerate, herbal extract, refined and filtered inverted sugar syrup, red colouring.

TIP: With this type of Absinthe bartenders can literally conjure attractive and mouthwatering cocktails worth trying. Smart Absinthe looks crafty and charming. Try to make it, and your friends will be astonished.

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